Ellavive Solutions: Extra Sticky Base Coat

Ellavive Solutions: Extra Sticky Base Coat

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E X T R A   S T I C K Y   B A S E   C O A T

All nails were not created equally.

If you have flaky, brittle, or bendy nails, the extra sticky base coat is for you. 

Our extra sticky base coat adheres well to flaky and brittle nails, and provides additional flexibility to your 1-step gel manicure.  

We believe everyone should be able to have an awesome, DIY manicure. If you've got nail problems, let us find a solution.



-Paint a light coat of extra sticky base coat on nails

-Cure for 60 seconds

-Paint a coat of Ellavive 1-step gel and cure (repeat until you achieve desired results)

-Enjoy a longer lasting and more flexible mani!