Does gel ruin your nails?

No, over-filing or improper removal is what will ruin your nails. Be sure to only lightly file the surface of your nails when prepping and remove your nails the proper way (check the tutorial page for instructions). Try not to peel your gel polish off, this will damage your natural nail.


My nail polish is chipped. What should I do?

Don’t pick at it, repair it! See the instructions on the tutorial page.


Can I use gel polish for nail art?

Yes! Gel polish is great for nail art because you can keep trying until it looks perfect before curing it. If you mess up, just wipe off the gel with alcohol and start over. 


Why is my gel polish still sticky even after curing it?

It may not be cured all the way. Cure it again making sure that all your nails are under the light for the duration of the cure time.


Why is my polish lifting?

To prevent lifting, you’ll want to make sure you are doing the following during your manicures:

  • Properly prep your nails by filing the shine off and removing dust and oil with acetone.
  • Don’t use any lotion or oils until after your manicure is finished.
  • Don’t get too close to the cuticle. If your nail polish is touching your cuticle, it is not fully adhered to your nail and will lift as your nail grows.
  • Cap the free edge of your nail. This will prevent moisture from getting between the gel and your nail.


Why is my gel squishy or wrinkly after curing?

This means your gel is not cured all the way through. We recommend very thin coats of polish to prevent this. You can always add more coats if the polish isn’t opaque enough but if you paint the gel on too thick, it won’t properly cure.


What is the difference between LED and UV lamps?

Both types of lamps cure gel polish but LED lamps cure in about half the time. LED lamps also don’t emit heat and you’ll never have to replace the bulbs.


Why does my nail polish seem really thick?

Gel polish is thicker than lacquer, but if you have been storing your gel polish in a place that is too cold, the polish gets even thicker than normal. Warm it up by putting the bottle in a shallow bowl of warm water and shaking it up after it warms up a little.


Why are gel polish bottles opaque?

Because gel nail polish is light activated, the bottles have to be opaque to prevent curing from regular light.

How should I store my gel polish?

Store your gel polish bottles standing up and away from natural light. Don’t store polish in the refrigerator or anywhere it gets too hot.