Large Starter Kit

Large Starter Kit

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This kit includes our full classic collection along with our Ellavive Solutions products. This kit gives you a next-level manicure, tons of color options, and help for thin or oily nails.  

  • 5 bottles of 1-step gel nail polish 
  • Ellavive Solutions: base coat
  • Ellavive Solutions: strengthening top coat
  • LED lamp
  • 2 nail files
  • 10 cuticle sticks

Ellavive's 1-step gel is all you need for an amazing mani. If you need a bit of extra help because of thin or oily nails, use Ellavive Solutions products along with the 1-step system.

Our original base coat provides a little extra sticking power if your nails are oily.

Our top coat provides extra structure if your nails are thin and flexible.  

All nails were not created equally, but we have what you need for a salon-quality, DIY gel manicure.